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login prompt missing on tty1

After installing the base image with s6, I noticed that I have to press a key in order to be presented with a login prompt on tty1.  My expectation is to be presented with a login prompt after init finishes with everything else.

This was also the case with the base-s6 live image.

I am also missing an agetty-tty1 service.  Are these related issues?

Re: login prompt missing on tty1

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There is not an agetty-tty1 service because s6-linux-init comes with its own early getty service that takes over tty1 (it's a compile time option that's enabled). This can be handy because even if you completely break s6-rc in some way, you'll still get a getty.

The prompt behavior is because of a few different things. s6-linux-init is compiled with the option to be more verbose print output of services (notably s6-rc output) to tty1. Because services are parallel in s6, all this stuff gets put onto the screen and it covers up the getty login which is why you have to press a key to see the prompt again. I agree it's not a "pretty" screen, but I don't think it's really an issue because you have to press keys to login anyway?

One thing you could do is go into your /etc/s6/current/scripts/runlevel file and change the verbosity of the s6-rc commands. By default, they're set to 2, but you could remove the argument entirely. That should get rid of all the s6-rc output and keep the login prompt in tact.

I don't know. I have thought about making the s6 boot up screen more pretty, but it's an entirely parallel process (runit's stage 1 startup actually isn't parallel if you are wondering; it does a few things in a sequence at first) which kind of throws a wrench in things (printing text would have race conditions). Plus it would still cover up the getty login prompt.

Re: login prompt missing on tty1

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Thank you for the detailed explanation. Now that I understand it, I think I like the default behavior.

I'll try lowering the verbosity and see if that helps.

My suggestion would be to note this in the install wiki: I waited a long time for a prompt before pressing the enter key, and I wasn't given the username and password above the prompt.


Re: login prompt missing on tty1

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Actually, now that it's been brought up, what is the process for being granted write access to the wiki?

Re: login prompt missing on tty1

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@dudemanguy can add or expand wiki sure, if necessary  ;)

Re: login prompt missing on tty1

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Actually, maybe I'll just add a quick oneshot to clear the screen after everything in the boot bundle is finished. If not, I'll update the wiki.