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HTTP 302 annoyance on wiki.artixlinux

Users of probably noticed that queries sometimes redirect to a page showing the
Session client coupling inconsistent (IP address changed?). Stopping for security reasons.
stuff and the login form. Surprisingly, it happens even when browsing the wiki logged off.

A nuisance for hyperlinks, this 302 is a major annoyance for POSTs (such as Save and Preview) from the wiki edit form. If you behave as requested (that is, submit that login form), then the previous ?action=edit form (containing <textarea> with the markup) is erased from the browser’s cache. Bad news if you didn’t save the latest text locally (in clipboard or alike).

Unsure when will the site administrators fix the problem , but a workaround exists. Leave the “Session client coupling” thing alone, open in another tab, log in, then switch back and reach your editing form with ⇦. The browser may ask you to resubmit the data – do it. You can lose the latest edit , but if you preview often, then the <textarea> will fall back to edited version, not loaded from server.