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Bug reporting

What is a correct way to report a potential bug or other problem? I'm sorry if this a stupid question, but I'm afraid I'm not aware of the best way.

Actually there's a reason why I'm asking this, as I've discovered a trouble with world/bluez 5.50-5. It won't start, saying that it can't get to the dbus (log message:
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 D-Bus setup failed: Connection ":1.2360" is not allowed to own the service "org.bluez" due to security policies in the configuration file
). Previous version from extra works totally OK.

Re: Bug reporting

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A  bugtracker is a valid question. We currently only have issue system on our gitea, similar to gitbub issues.

If we were to set up a bugtracker, we would likely need people capable to do a bit of report management.
Since we take a majority of arch PKGBUILD, such management would involve to report/redirect issues found related to upstream arch, for example a missing makedepend, so we get some issues related to PKGBUILD back upstream. Anyhow, the bug team would have to know some details when to report a bug upstream arch, and when it is  an issue on our end.

Please share your thoughts on how artix should handle bug tracking.


Re: Bug reporting

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Regarding the dbus issue you reported here, I think it is fixed now. It was likely an arch upstream issue.
I'll sticky this thread.

Re: Bug reporting

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Some form of keeping tracks of bugs sounds like a good idea.