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What is the book/books that you have read recently?

Do people from here read books??
I used to play fking windows games all the time so i never had time to read any books but now i stopped because i wanna get into linux much more than play fking games and i am desperate for some good read very badly. Apart from stuff that are based on medieval times (i wanna read about history of my country for example and europe perhaps) i have no idea what else is there interesting that could be somehow related to computers/linuxing or just be interesting, that kind of stuff.
Or maybe there is any specific genre that you enjoy reading most???

Thanks  ;)
edit: i should also note that i am very stupid playing these games as well as using windows didnt make me clever so i wanna change that and become better myself by reading stuff.
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Re: What is the book/books that you have read recently?

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Currently reading Flash Crowd by Larry Niven