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Re: latest security vulnerbilities

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The js-yaml version in the AUR is vulnerable:
$ yay -Ss js-yaml
aur/nodejs-js-yaml 3.10.0-1 (+1 0.00%)
    YAML 1.2 parser and writer
First Submitted:    2017-09-16 10:20
Last Updated:    2017-09-16 10:21

Affected versions: All versions prior to 3.13.0

safer-eval is not a package unless it's there under a different name and the others are OK at their current versions.

Re: latest security vulnerbilities

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what is yaml?

Re: latest security vulnerbilities

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It's been updated to a secure version:
Package Details: nodejs-js-yaml 3.13.1-1
If you git clone artix pkgbuild's there are yaml files in a hidden directory:
Contents of this file:

%YAML 1.2

label: master

Mysterious secret yaml agents? What do they do?