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Off-Topic / Re: Survival of the Richest
Last post by fungalnet -
This is either a funny coincidence or a growing awareness, as I was talking last night to a friend about this very topic.
The question was, OK, they are throwing propaganda to dilute scientific evidence as "controversial" (about the collapse of the biosphere) but the elites have access to correct information and it is alarming.  What are they planning to do, since it seems that they are perpetuating and accelerating the motion to destruction?

The bottom line of the discussion was that there are two "new" classes forming, the one that is sentenced to death by torturing natural conditions by the next generation, and the class of those that knew it and have reserved little survival pockets only for themselves and their guards.   The guards of the elite have never been members of the lower class.  No disrespect to animals, but you know what I am trying to say ;)  I do feel sorry for the little ones born these days, being sentenced to death in a relatively young age.  Machines are the last thing to worry about, or fear.  Drought, lack of any drinkable water, rapid decline of all vegetation, starvation, uncontrollable epidemics,  toxic air, extreme weather conditions, will come much sooner than fossil-fuel supplies dry-up.  No source of energy or technology can reverse or prevent the collapse.  Whether animal or vegetable all human food comes from biological organisms, not from machines or laboratories.  Even hybrids and GMOs are once living organisms before they end up in your plate, and so is a significant percentage of medication contents. 

WTF are they thinking is the solution for themselves and their offspring?  Or are they so blind by current wealth and power they can't even think for themselves and their kids?  The elites have never allowed scientists (social/psycho-..) to study them, so we know very little of their insecurities and pathology.  They are running this rock and this thin film of life on its surface.

Only the all-mighty fungus (kingdom)  may survive this one as it seems has survived several previous catastrophes. 

Live long and prosper!  Some wishful thinking there, Spock!
Installation / Migration / Configuration / Re: 2nd runit installation
Last post by nous -
For xorg logins (especially with login managers), xorg-xwrapper is a must because then xorg needs root permissions. About the wifi situation, can you try to activate the card with ifconfig and iwconfig? Does wicd work? Please, elaborate a little on your setup (login manager/startx, network manager system, steps to reproduce).
Installation / Migration / Configuration / 2nd runit installation
Last post by sullivad -
So I did another runit installation.  Two oddities:

1) Cannot successfully create a user that can login to their home directory; and
2) Cannot use any wireless card whatsoever.

With respect to the first: I have checked and modified permissions, deleted and re-added users, etc. but cannot login from the prompt ("permission denied").

With respect to the second: if I have checked and unblocked rfkill, etc but nothing works ("link not ready").

I installed 'base base-devel xorg xorg-xinit networkmanager wpa_supplicant' and so on.  I must be an idiot because I cannot puzzle this one out.