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I've decided not to renew the domain's registration as the site has served its purpose.

I've kept a mirror of it at for posterity and soon I'll migrate the comments archive from Disqus too.

Thanks everyone for visiting, contributing and spreading the word.

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I'll miss the page. I visited it back in the Manjaro Openrc era, and used it to migrate my system from Manjaro to Artix.

I'd change your sig as well, just a thought. ;)

Thank you @nous and the other devs for keeping the dream alive!

Re: is no more

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My thanks too.

It really is great to still be able to use Linux & not be forced to only have the likes of the BSD's (though I do use OpenBSD on my tower). Linux does have "extras" that we can't get anywhere else. :)

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The end of an era, yet the start of a new one.


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Yes thank you