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black screen on xfce4 logout using lxdm

Hello everyone, hoping I can get this resolved. I just moved to Artix on my main workstation (Dell T7500) and I am having problems logging out of xfce4. When I logout I just get a black screen. I pretty much followed the wiki except I installed the nvidia-dkms and linux-headers to get the dkms working. modprobe does show the nvidia driver loaded and I do get a desktop and can work fine. I only seem to run into issues when I go to logout.

So far I have tried to do a pkill on lxdm (didn't work) and tried to pkill tty1 which didn't help.

the only thing I can see in the /var/log/lxdm.log after logout is
Code: [Select]
(lxdm-greeter-gtk:2609): Gtk-WARNING **: 21:16:49.140: cannot open display: :0

at this point I have ran out of ideas on what it could be. I am trying at this moment a
Code: [Select]
pacman -Syyu 
just to see if maybe there is a bug in my lxdm version that I am running. Though I am thinking at install following the wiki it probably already made sure that it was using the latest binaries from the repo.

Any help on how I can continue toubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.

Re: black screen on xfce4 logout using lxdm

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After testing further I am convinced that it has to do with xdm. If I create a .xinitrc file and do
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exec /usr/bin/startxfce4
then I can login and logout with no problems from the terminal.

Re: black screen on xfce4 logout using lxdm

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it may be a dumb question but  do you have xfce4-session installed?
When I use obarun without a dm, when I logout it goes back to console login, but I use lxsession (which includes lxession-logout) and it works reliably.   On artix I use sddm which always has worked reliably, because I have not been able to get openbox to start without a dm.

Are you saying that when you type a logout command on the terminal you have the problem or is it when using the menu item for logout?  On other arch based installations where there is a dm I use sddm but I think your issue may be within xfce not on lxdm.  It seems as the wm is not completely ending at logout and lxdm will not take over.  On openbox if I type killall openbox and there is a dm working it goes to greeter.

PS  If you do try sddm try aur: abstractdark theme ... really nice.

Re: black screen on xfce4 logout using lxdm

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I don't recall if I had xfce4-session installed. The problem did seem to be that when I would click on the menu and logout it wouldn't logout. In my haste to start getting things done (IE this is a machine I use for work and client web development) I went a head and installed freebsd. however if I decide to move back to artix then I will give sddm a try instead.

I believe you are also right in that it appeared to be that xfce was not handing control back to lxdm.