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System / Re: Artix update
Last post by fungalnet -
If you look at your /etc/pacman.conf and the wiki you will see how the artix repo hierarchy goes.  system-world-galaxy on top of extra and community from arch (core is disabled and totally replaced by system).  Gremlins is the equivalent of arch's testing.
Kernel updates, because they take so much human and cpu power to build, are slower and jump editions.  They are also cleaner from nasty stuff like speck-crypto.
AUR helpers that were dropped from arch exist on artix.
Also check out artools and see if you need to make use of them.
System / Re: Artix update
Last post by SGOrava -
Yes, most of the packages are following Arch updates.
There are some cases when Artix is slower or faster, but they are rare.
System / Artix update
Last post by Zar Marco -
Hi all, I've a little question. I've just migrated my arch installation, but the updates of packages following arch update?