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Re: How Is Artix Running For you?

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The issues I've been having are minor and they are edge cases: pulseaudio running within firejail seems to be acting differently from the systemd setup (not really working except in one jail at a time), some extra/ packages are newer (as already mentioned on other threads). There's also the 'small' issue of systemd launching network sockets for services as its own user, that gladly doesn't happen on openrc, but I had to change some firewall rules (again, minor).

For me, as long as firefox/some terminal emulator/awesome or i3/virtualbox and a few other pieces of software that aren't systemd related in any way (yes, I know , everything got infected lately), I'm a happy camper.

I ran gentoo for a few years, it didn't agree with my backup strategy (long compile times on recovery), went back and forth between the major distros, ditched .deb for arch because of better community support for older packages through AUR, and now I'm on Artix because I get AUR + openrc (or anything non-systemd) and I don't have to compile for hours.

For me it's clear that Artix is still a work in progress, but I've been using it for months and since I know my way around things, I didn't have any major issues with it and I'm expecting it to get better.

I'm kind of surprised there aren't more people using devuan/artix to be honest, but migrations can be painful, I suppose.

It's also not hard to just switch back to arch, once you understand how it interprets mirrors/sigs, but I didn't find the need to.

Re: How Is Artix Running For you?

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I've posted my issues on the IRC channel, but I'll try to summarize them here.  But first my environment.

I'm running Artix installed from scratch from the artix-lxqt-20171015-x86_64 ISO, and is not an upgrade or conversion.  It is installed in a VirtualBox VM with 1.5 GB memory, 2 vCPUs, 128M video memory, KVM paravirtualization, ALSA Audio on the host and ICH AC97 controller.  DE has been either lxqt or xfce4.  The host is CentOS 6.9 running the 2.6.32 kernel.  The mainboard is an ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 (AMD Thuban x6).  We have HSI that gets about 150mbps down, and I am hardwired, not wireless, to the Comcast modem.

Until installation of the 4.14.14 kernel, the system was a bit unstable, with the system going into a freeze for minutes at a time, sometimes freezing completely.  Sound was flakey, sometimes going out at seemingly random times; killing other programs with sound like pysol (even though I disabled sound on pysol), or restarting the browser, or both, most times revived sound... for a while.  Eventually I had to reboot the VM.  I think that was with the 4.9.75 kernel, idr now.  BTW, changing from lxqt to xfce4 did not cause noticeable improvement or degradation; performance was about the same.

After the update to the 4.14.14 kernel, the system is much more stable, and I have not noticed the long freezes and hang-ups.   So far, anyway.   But I do notice that there is still a sluggishness of the video.  When I go to click on items, about 3/4 of the time, I have to click a second time even though the control seemed to have registered with the first click.  Sometimes moving the mouse to one place does not seem to register with a program here and there even though the mouse pointer is in the spot I wanted, and then suddenly it will jump to another place, usually a few pixels away (maybe 100 px or so, I'm estimating).    In some web pages, I will get some artifact hanging on the cursor which I have to click to get rid of.  Keystrokes are often delayed, but worse, moving the mouse after entering characters sometimes causes unwanted highlighting, and worst yet, occasionally deletes work I did not want removed.  Thank goodness for ctrl-Z!

One other issue I might mention is concerning syslog-ng.  While trying to sort out these issues under the 4.9.75(?) kernel, I found that the system log messages during one freeze were missing.  Since the update of the kernel 4.14.14, I have not yet experienced a freeze, so I will not know until it happens (if it happens, that is) if missing log messages are still symptomatic.

For comparison purposes ONLY:  I do not observe or experience this type of behavior in  my other VMs, including anti-X and devuan 1.0.   These VMs run in (nearly) identical configurations.   I've tried enabling/disabling 3D, KVM, NX, etc to no avail.

4.14.14 certainly does seem better, but only the sluggishness of the UI is annoying.  I continue to use it, hoping more improvements come down the pike soon.  I would like to see more support for multiple kernels as this is handy when trying to sort out issues like the ones I am discussing.   I am hunting for  replacement for my CentOS hosting of VirtualBox, but so far this arrangement is not promising.  I understand that running in VM versus bare metal would certainly have at least some impact, but given that I do not see all these responsiveness symptoms in my other VMs, I am rather sceptical that this difference is significant.  I get very good UI responsiveness in the other VMs as well as the host.

I am more than happy to share more info with devs (aside from user IDs and passwords, my SSN, street address, phone number, etc), although I think I have been very thorough already.

Re: How Is Artix Running For you?

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I switched my DE from xfce to lxqt, and now I am getting good responsiveness and performance (finally!).  But I will be sensitive to any recitivism and report it here.   For now, though, it looks hopeful again.

Re: How Is Artix Running For you?

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Lets hope it stays working well for you like it does for me I use JWM by the way.

Re: How Is Artix Running For you?

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If I am not mistaken, lxqt uses openbox wm.

Re: How Is Artix Running For you?

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no issues for me here
running kde plasma on a xeon 5470 @3.85 / 10gb ram
a couple of hiccups with early kernel packages/modules and an issue with the nvidia proprietary driver but nothing that wasnt solveable
OC'ing the cpu does cause problems with long builds (firefox/ffmpeg) because of heat but i just do -j2 for those
my experience since going from lfs -> arch -> arch openrc -> artix has been pretty smooth

Re: How Is Artix Running For you?

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Swimmingly :D
A few package version niggles related to stuff from Arch repos (running a full Plasma desktop here), but nothing insurmountable.

I was contemplating Gentoo for a while there, after finding Devuans ascii/testing somewhat unready for prime-time, but I'm glad I gave Artix a go first. It's nice.

Re: How Is Artix Running For you?

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Been using Artix on my HP laptop since new. Been working great and I really like LXqt. My laptop is mostly used for my business and so it having been very reliable is great. Only issues is I can't get mtp working with my S8 - have had troubles with mtp with all sorts of phones and Linux OS's. Never got it working on Gentoo either. Pacman sometimes gives me errors, but they usuall 'wash out' with time - latest is a whole bunch of conflicts with xorgproto?,403.msg0.html

Being systemd free just feels great  8)  8)  8)

Re: How Is Artix Running For you?

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I wonder if your MTP problems are LXQT related as LXDE does not have that problem being gtk its a matter of just installing gvfs-mtp and adding this to startup  dbus-launch pcmanfm --desktop -d  but i don't have experiance with LXQT  I just know in  LXDE gtk the file manager does not give full functions without dbus starting the file manager.

Re: How Is Artix Running For you?

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: community                                                                     4.1 MiB  5.89M/s 00:01 [############################################################] 100%
:: Starting full system upgrade...
:: Replace compositeproto with world/xorgproto? [Y/n]


Re: How Is Artix Running For you?

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:: Replace compositeproto with world/xorgproto? [Y/n],403.0.html,335.0.html 

world-testing/xorgproto replacing all other ***proto [SOLVED?]
New xorgproto unable to update
Clementine libprotobuf