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runit / Re: Help starting program
Last post by whoami -
Doh! What a dummy I am.

Thank you konimex, with the lower case u it works perfectly.

BTW I guess you know there has been quite a few problems with the forum website today, it has been offline for most of the day and even now it doesn't work properly, if I click on any forum section title like 'OpenRC', Runit, etc. etc. it just loads a blank page. I can only access content by clicking the link in the 'latest post' column.
Off-Topic / Re: War on systemd??
Last post by mandog -
Well i'm not one of them that is for sure i have a 2004 laptop that is faster than most modern ones because it was built before throttling, the wife has a 2010 notebook.

I use a 2013 self build desktop that will run a few years yet. runs Artix, Arch, and hackintosh. all with a i5 gen4.

The my system boots faster than yours has been going on for years, anybody can do that with just a Xserver. nothing more.

I prefer to use runit Oberun is a simple operating system I introduced Eric to JWM a few years back and gave him my config file he has improved on it as i have since makes a great desktop from a WM. so much you can do with the config and once learned so simple to make changes

By the way I originate from the UK escaped a few years ago the best thing i ever did  was escape from the EU system.

General Discussion / Re: The Tragedy of systemd
Last post by cynicfm -
PC/Laptop is a dead platform anyway..

Yeah i have noticed this, but i had lots of smartphones they all ended up broken after few months or usage or they simply fell of from my pocket twice and first one i was like where is this phone i lost it when i went for a walk to nature...  ::) and then second time i had short pants on me and htc smartphone in the pocket and i was sitting by the river and suddenly i heard *plum* and bye bye smartphone, that was my last one. The truth is i haven't even used phone for about 5 months now... I feel like alien from different planet because of this, 2019 and having no phone!?? Something must be wrong with this guy!!

Right now my laptop has Artix and Obarun installed, Obarun is for offline stuff like open source games eg. Hedgewars Supertux, also for GIMP because i have got new camera and i take pictures so i am having fun with it and also there is Audacity that i use to record stuff, cuz i have got tiny drumkit in my place haha ;P. Battery lasts for so long i can actually go out and not worry about battery running out quickly.
And i am perfectly satisfied with all this stuff, Artix is for browsing internet and also downloading stuff to obarun from chroot and trying new things... And internet is so quick and fast and laptop is just like a dream, while windows 10 was slow and was overheating so [email protected]@!! I lost about 25% of battery design capacity because of using windows 10 for few months... However i have never had better experience with browsing internet that i am having on the laptop now using Artix, it is better than any tablet or smartphone i used.... Also what is very positive switching to Linux made me read more books cuz i really cut down playing these proprietary stuff therefore i have got much more time for myself.... I know i keep writing a lot about myself but it's [email protected]@ I feel like there is magic on my laptop because of all of you and i wish other people could experience that too....
Off-Topic / Re: War on systemd??
Last post by cynicfm -
If you think that once you have switched from systemd, you have removed all bloated software, you are totally wrong :)
In some way, all software in almost all distros is bloated because it uses glibc. While one can switch from systemd to other init system is not very painful (but it still requires efforts, especially when doing it from zero), avoiding glibc, gcc and a lot of other bloated software is nearly impossible
There is issue that i am having with glibc. I downloaded plenty of linux games that have .iso or sh installers... When i mount .iso and try to install the certain game using .sh then it reports that glibc 21 is there so the installer is not supported
Code: [Select]
This installation doesn't support glibc-2.1 on x86_64

Please contact Loki Technical Support at [email protected]

Yeah well you have got the point. The friend i mentioned from first post that i inspired to switch to linux he feels like ubuntu is enough for him compared to windows 10, he says nothing bad happens there no errors he only mentioned that he misses fl studio a bit that he used in the past to create sounds for music.
I wanted to get macbook in the past, because i was hyped about it but it was all really before i got into linux that much that made me switch completely to it...

 I have got friend who took me to apple store in england (to serve as english translator just in case cuz we r both from different country). He bought 2700 pounds one, 15" the best one that was there... He told me that year later he started to have keyboard problems so he returned it under warranty they fixed it for him, lmao... And then his display was breaking he said the cable inside the laptop, that connects display to the keyboard or something was too short  :o .

Anyways my friend who had ubuntu 1500mb ram usage i was thinking omg its so much but he didn't really care... However what is really bad is people keep upgrading their pcs and rigs because their OS slows their rigs down... ;/ . It results in so many computers being threw to waste it's not good...
General Discussion / Re: The Tragedy of systemd
Last post by mrbrklyn -

Systemd is what mainstream Linux needs

No.  the mainstream isn't using Linux at all but on Android, which is already a locked up box that is linux in name only.  Otherwise they use BSD based Apple or MS WIndows.  Linux, per se, as always, is irrelevant to them.

Systemd is what redhat and professional admins felt they needed for a variety of reasons, the biggest being they wanted to simplify the development expenses for virtual machines in racks for cloud computing.

JonQ public doesn'tg even figure into this and the PC/Laptop is a dead platform anyway..
General Discussion / Re: The Tragedy of systemd
Last post by Schpankme -
SYSTEMD is the corporate takeover of User Space and Server Space thanks to the Red Hat(s).  The most detrimental part of this planned siege is the invasion of Server Space where production servers represent significant losse$ to Stake Holders and the Business when they are down.

Server Down:
  o Power loss
  o Network connection offline
  o Hardware failure
  o OS crashed
  o Server Software crashed

What we see, are people sitting at home on their Laptops, making YouTube videos, and telling everyone how fast systemd boots.  What do the sysadmins have to say when their server OS has crashed and it was systemd that created the problem, and the only fix is to bounce the server and wait for it to happen again.

"Debian systemd maintainer stepped down over developers not fixing breakage"

sysadmin experience with systemd:
# systemd-mount -o remount,rw /dev/sda1 /boot
Failed to start transient mount unit: Unit boot.mount already exists.

# systemd-mount --umount /dev/sda1 /boot
Stopped unit boot.mount for mount point: /boot
# systemd-mount -o rw /dev/sda1 /boot
Failed to start transient mount unit: Unit boot.mount already exists.

cannot execute script prior to reboot/shutdown

runit / Re: Help starting program
Last post by whoami -
Thank you  both for the suggestions.
@konimex - I tried altering the nordvpnud file as per your suggestion but it doesn't make any difference I get the same error message.

@phoenix_king_rus  - I altered the nordvpnud run file to:

Code: [Select]
sv start dbus || exit 1
exec chpst -U artix nordvpnud 2&>1

again it doesn't seem to make any difference.

When I tried the same trick with the nordvpnsd file it wouldn't restart - just  timed out, so I changed that back again.

Starting the files manually without using sv  doesn't seem to work at all, the terminal cursor just moves to another line but produces no output.

Maybe this program is too bound up with systemd to be runit compatible.

Going off line now, will check in again tomorrow to see if anybody has any further ideas.

Thanks again.