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System / Re: Bluetooth
Last post by artoo -
Could you please try to set  in  /usr/share/dbus-1/services/org.bluez.obex.service

Code: [Select]

and report back?

This should allow obexd without a systemd user session.
System / Re: Bluetooth
Last post by nous -
The good news is you've got bluetooth hardware working. Bad news is I don't use bluetooth myself and can't help you in terms of related software. I remember using KDE Plasma once and it had a really nice bluetooth integration, out of the box.
Installation / Migration / Configuration / Re: Varying performance issues with Vega 56 AMDGPU
Last post by nous -
Does your charger cable have a pin in the middle, like Dell laptops? If so, then that's your source of problems, it's used to signal the laptop about the charger's wattage with a special semiconductor at the charger's end. Some times the semiconductor dies or misbehaves, which leaves the BIOS thinking it's underpowered and in turn downclocks the CPU.
With some laptops (not all) it may be possible to override detection by appending processor.ignore_ppc=1 to the kernel command line (edit GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub to make it permanent).
Or perhaps there's a BIOS option to control CPU frequency when plugged or unplugged in your laptop?
Package management / xfce update lost some settings
Last post by ####### -
On the last XFCE desktop update the desktop background went back to the default image and the desktop icon arrangement was lost too. That's an easy right click on the desktop to fix, but it doesn't usually do that on updates.  :)
System / Re: Bluetooth
Last post by yves04 -
As you said I´ve installer bluez-firmware and bluez-hid2hci and now (after reboot) the command rfkill returns
 0 bluetooth hci0   débloqué débloqué
 1 wlan      phy0   débloqué débloqué
Now the phone is visible with blueman but no connection and the pc isn´t visible on the phone.
So I´ve tried bluetoothctl with no result so far
bluez-firmware is of no use because b43-fwcutter is already installed for the wifi
Thanks again for your reply.
System / Re: Music files muted in VLC
Last post by ####### -
I think we need to confirm if the soundcard is broken or not. Have you tried not just other GNU/Linux distros but any other operating systems actually? If it doesn't work on any other mainstream system, then we can safely assume that the hardware is broken, rendering this whole thread pretty much pointless.
That was kind of what I was suggesting, but hadn't found a good guide to illustrate the use of speaker-test and aplay.
But here is one:'s_speaker-test_utility
It doesn't rely on any desktop sound working. It's also possible to pass options to the audio driver and I read you can get the situation where there are no controls in alsamixer but the hardware is working.
Another suggestion is to get an old outdated iso from when the card did work. Go back to software that you know should work, if the card has become faulty it won't work now.