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System / ssh logout -> tmux killed
Last post by arveex -

I'm running Artix with openrc (on all machines). I do the following:

localh$ ssh <remote>     // connect to remote machine
remote$ tmux             // run tmux
(inside tmux)$ ctrl+b d  // detach tmux from session
remote$ ctrl d           // logout from remote
localh$ ssh <remote>     // connect again
remote$ tmux a           // try to attach to session
no sessions              // :-(

...defaulting KillUserProcesses to yes, which effectively kills all backgrounded user processes (tmux and screen included) on logout
(from here:

Ironically, it was easy to find a solution for systemd (which I don't need), how do I do the equivalent of setting KillUserProcesses=no with openrc?
System / Re: Wifi Problem
Last post by XDream8 -
Which kernel and wifi driver/chipset? Perhaps you hit this bug?
I finded a wpa supplicant bug. My laptop has bluetooth but when i open wifi wpa supplicant doesnt open bluetooth when i open bluetooth and open wifi, wifi works but when bluetooth is not open wifi doesnt work.

S6 / Re: Migrate from OpenRC to s6 and s6-rc
Last post by nous -
What @Dudemanguy said, copy the openrc binaries to /tmp (pacman -Qql openrc | grep /usr/bin, some are just symlinks), install s6 and replace all openrc packages with the respective s6 ones. First -Rdd openrc and netifrc, -S s6 and finally the scripts:
Code: [Select]
for p in $(pacman -Qq | grep \\-openrc); do sudo pacman -Rdd $p; sudo pacman -S $(echo $p | sed s/openrc/s6/); done
Once you're satisfied with your setup (see our wiki on s6), you should reboot with /tmp/openrc-shutdown --reboot now into your new init.
System / Re: Wifi Problem
Last post by XDream8 -
Also i tried with external wifi device. Wifi works with external wifi device.
System / [SOLVED] Wifi Problem
Last post by XDream8 -
I have a wifi problem.

I open wifi in wpa supplicant, it shows wifis and closes wifi in 5-10 seconds.I tried installing wifi drivers with files(broadcom-wl-dkms) but it didnt work.

Who can help me?

I installed artix lxde openrc.