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System / Re: ZFS [Solved]
Last post by ndowens -
If anyone is interested in using ZFS on Artix, you can contact me here or on IRC, though of course, we don't officially support ZFS, but personally I've never ran into a ZFS issue.
OpenRC / Re: System won’t boot up. Stops at “*starting local”
Last post by Dudemanguy -
I'm assuming you use syslog-ng and installed the version that was in the gremlins repo. That syslog-ng is confirmed to be bad and freezes your machine. You have to get a liveiso, chroot into your machine and then disable it. The known bad version no longer exists in the repos so while you're at it, do a pacman -Syu and then reinstall syslog-ng.
System / Re: Need help! - computer does not boot on latest update
Last post by Dudemanguy -
The problem seems to be related with syslog itself and not with its init scripts. I use custom init system at my desktop machines and in my case syslog was started after getty. This resulted in me able to login (if i'm fast enough) but after that it was impossible to login somewhere else, use sudo/doas and open some programs (like browsers except for links, pcmanfm, etc.). So, runit should be also affected

You're right. My statement was based on being able to login to runit with a freshly created gremlins iso, but I think it would probably freeze after a while. I was able to track down exactly what syslog-ng compile option causes this. It's the --enable-linux-caps option. I removed the bad syslog-ng package from the gremlins repo, compiled a new one with --disable-linux-caps and placed it in staging. From my testing, this version doesn't have any freezing so it should be OK. The testing repo may have some minor breakage but freezing on boot is a bit too much. ;)