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Package management / is pacman upgrade necessary to perform??
Last post by cynicfm -
i noticed that fresh after installation of artix linux internet is blazing fast and i have no errors at all.... it just connects to every website the way it should, it has speed of sound (rapid fast).

but as soon as i perform pacman -Syyu that kills internet and internet is not just slowlier but also i get lots of resolve problems.
it seems like i don't need to download any packages to be able to play windows games via wine. so i decided i'm not gonna perform full pacman upgrade.
however would be nice if i knew how can i upgrade single package perhaps, but not sure if its even necessary.

if i havent got any issues and problems with my linux artix at the moment do i miss something if i don't perform full upgrade????

thank you!
System / Re: Internet issues after upgrade
Last post by cynicfm -
well i decided to not upgrade distro with pacman -Syyu and internet is blazing fast and no resolving problems or whatsoever.
artix is really nice distro but its hard to maitain, because lets say i download game wesnoth or torrent client and its so easy here to download one package that kills other packages and blah ;P. so unless i know what im doing im not gonna download anything specific to create mess...

oh my god so many posts, im sorry people. Thanks as well ;). I dont know why internet on artix is so blazing fast and has rapid speed but after i pacman -Syyu its not just resolve problems but few times slowlier too...  :D
so i mark this as solved ;).
Installation / Migration / Configuration / Re: Trouble with pulseaudio, after migrating from arch
Last post by cynicfm -
sorry for being such an arrogant prick.
well what i can say is first thing i'm not sure if this bug is related to Artix or to pulseaudio, but it may be pulseaudio, because i think it's designed for systemd in mind.
second thing is that i heard that it's good to not use pulseaudio and stick to pure ALSA instead. however configuring everything is an effort.

as i have one pair of bluetooth earphones from philips, i remember how i tried to connect them to my laptop or even to playstation 3... no success. so i decided i'm never gonna try again, usually when something is irritation and too much effort it's not worth it to me.
well, i dont know if its possible to.
i think if you stick to pure alsa there's package bluez-alsa. but how to configure it i have no idea.
Installation / Migration / Configuration / Re: Trouble with pulseaudio, after migrating from arch
Last post by Docbroke -
bluetooth headphones and bluetooth speakers is a bug. i don't understand why people like to kill their hearing by listening to music from streaming services like spotify, audio files like .mp3 or flac or go on youtube while using bluetooth speakers.

get proper cd-player and cable headphones and throw your bluetooth devices to the bin, they're garbage.
I agree that wired gives better audio output, however bluetooth is not always about music only, and as profix said not working device should be treated as bug.