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S6 / Re: [Tracker] s6 support
Last post by Dudemanguy -
Great news. s6 support has made some progress over the weekend and is now (mostly) official. I've updated the OP of this thread to reflect that change. Various s6 packages are now available in the goblins repo (you will have to enable that in your /etc/pacman.conf). These will be in goblins for at least the time being since we're still at the experimental stage here.

If you had previously installed my s6 AUR packages, please replace them with the goblins version ASAP as there were some large changes. The main star of the show here (s6-linux-init; which actually makes and replaces your init) is still AUR only since we need to figure out how to integrate it with artix-sysvcompat, but everything else is in the repos now.

If you have any service script requests and or just general questions feel free to ask me here (or in IRC). A future goal of mine is to figure out how to port s6 service scripts to execline (a different scripting language made specifically for s6), but for now I'm just doing them in shell since they work fine. And "doing them" might be a bit too much of an exaggeration because most of the time it's just copying the runit script with a few modifications.
Discussion about Artix / Re: LibreSSL
Last post by Everyone -
Guys from OpenSMTPD got sick of trying to support OpenSSL and switched to LibreSSL exclusively, effectively the freshest OpenSMTPD version requires LibreSSL, while I'm (we're) stuck on 6.0.3p1-3. What would break if I were to replace OpenSSL with LibreSSL?
S6 / Re: Unofficial s6 support guide
Last post by obarun -
There's no point in duplicating work if you don't have to
In this case why you don't use 66?
boot-66serv (complete set of service to boot properly your system): (use the tag not the commit)
66 (complete set of tools to manage your service): (use tag not the commit)
Complete Documentation are also available:
Set of service:
66 PKGBUILD: (use version not trunk)
boot-66serv PKGBUILD: (use version not trunk)
S6 / Re: Unofficial s6 support guide
Last post by Dudemanguy -
Updated the OP in light of the newest version of runit-rc being pushed to stable. If you had manually edited the file before, you can just do a quick "pacman -Sy --force runit-rc" to make sure the file gets overwritten with the upstream changes.