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Had a good one today..

Hi All,

My neighbour brought round his desktop this morning complaining that he couldn't get online..

The machine has a 3 month old installation of Mint 19.1.

The network was shown as "cable not connected". I performed a few tests.. The onboard Realtek ethernet was detected and showing as functional...The "cable not connected" condition continued..

I thought that something in the network hardware might have  failed so I popped in a PCI-e network card.
On reboot, the new card was detected but still "cable not connected".. Dodgy PCI-e slot?? nope, a sound card worked perfectly O.K. in the slot.

At this stage I thought I was going a bit loopy... (happens a lot here!). I tested the network connection with another computer.. All good.

I then booted the computer from a Mint live 19.2 flashdrive.. Yep.. "cable not connected", all hardware tests O.K.

I was a bit stumped now.. so I rebooted with the nearest available non-systemd live Linux flashdrive.

This one just happened to be  the Artix flashdrive that I had created yesterday..

Guess what..

Wait for it..

Wait for it...

Yes, perfect network connectivity.. and yes, the neighbour wants to dump Mint and have Artix installed.

I'm currently backing up his user files before installing ArtiX.

I truly **HATE** systemd..