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[SOLVED] Display seconds in clock

Hello everyone,

I am a new Artix user, I used Arch a few years back in the pre-systemd era.

Now I am dual booting Artix and Windows on a Acer Aspire D260 netbook with 2 Gb RAM.

I have downloaded the following ISO:


installed and made a few tweaks.

So far so good except for a small problem which does not make the system unusable but is visually annoying.

I enabled the display of the seconds in the clock on the right lower corner of the screen.
Now when the digits of the clock change the icons on the left of the clock have a slight move is barely visible but it is quite annoying and disturbing.

Any hints on how to stop that behavior? Is it possible to change the font of the clock with a fixed width one?

Thank you in advance.


Re: Display seconds in clock

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Install and run dconf-editor, go to org/mate/panel/objects/clock/prefs/custom-format and put something like
Code: [Select]
<span size="large" font="Monospace"><b>%H:%M:%S</b></span>
in the field. Click the apply tick, go back one, click on format and change it to custom. Mind you, you'll lose the date display with this stanza, I haven't found a way to insert a line break in a way GTK3 can understand it; share it if you do. You can change font size, colour and style at your heart's content.

For posterity, line break is %n.

[SOLVED] Re: Display seconds in clock

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It worked, thanks!

Mind you, you'll lose the date display with this stanza

I modified the string like this:

Code: [Select]
<span color="yellow" size="large" font="Monospace"><b>%a %e/%m %H:%M:%S</b></span>