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Install Belgian EID

Struggled a bit on installing Belgian EID-software.
Support from upstream is apparently reserved for Fedora, Debian, Opensuse and the like.
Archwiki was not really enlightening.
Attached pdf details.

Polished  the original.
Added Mk2 to end of the filename.

Re: Install Belgian EID

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Hello, may I ask what is actual problem ?

I am not from Belgia and I do not wish to install it.
You have kind of nice manual, so what is actual problem (the hard part). ?
Man is as good as his tools.

Re: Install Belgian EID

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The problem  imho lies in the fact that  :
1. Upstream only cares and caters for Windows, Debian, Fedora, Opensuse and the likes.
2. The amount of totally useless, misleading and even outright wrong information about this subject is mindboggling.

Re: Install Belgian EID

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1. that is common practice, in a way be happy that they even support Linux in some way.
2. Sure, information related to different distributions are useless, plus these kinds of programs are many times not done well and some hacks are required.

In a way I understand the developers, it is harder to state that "we support Archlinux" because Arch is rolling release and in a way requires continuous attention, while debian is mostly frozen after release.

This situation is common, company states that they support only Ubuntu or Fedora or Debian... but in reality with bit of knowledge the program runs on most of the distributions.

Take Steam as example, they stated  "we support only Ubuntu" but you can use Steam with almost any distro these days.

Another example is Matlab. Oh dear look at the arch wiki for troubleshooting, they can even release book with so much information and hacks (yes hacks, to get around errors caused by newr lib versions in Arch)

PS: After closer look, I see this in Tutorials, so I was in the wrong... so sad.

Since this seems to be tutorial, have you considered polishing it a bit and putting it on Archwiki (if it is not there already) ?
In this way you would help many others.
Man is as good as his tools.