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Free online games at

I was looking at these links on the page:
Игры    Мини-игры
That means game and mini-game but is in Russian naturally.
I tried it to see if they would work in Artix Linux, nothing much seemed to happen using Pale Moon, but with Chromium after logging in with a login I killed some demons with a big sword and met a blond girl with a crossbow who helped me kill some more demons.
So it does work, and doesn't seem to require any extra special software to play.  ;D

Re: Free online games at

Reply #1 is a browser hijacker that changes browser homepage, new tab page and default search engine. Usually, this hijacker infects browsers with free software downloads. It displays advertisement in the browser and PC desktop.
Whenever I got this virus I always uninstall my browser and reinstall. It keeps on coming back and uninstall is the best way to get rid of it.


Re: Free online games at

Reply #2
I've never had any problems like that, although it's quite a commercialized website admittedly. Ads are often not blocked on Russian websites, but that's because the commonly used English language adblock lists don't cover that geographic region. Each to their own, of course, some people even find Google intrusive I have heard  :D
I think what you are describing is something different though. There are misleading spamware sites that make money from ads and so on. They entrap people into installing free software that adds search bars, it could equally be Yahoo or anything. If you wanted it, that would be fine, but they trick you into installing it so they can make a few pennies from a referral fee or similar through the ad schemes around online. If I come across something like that I report the site where it happens to my browser developers or somewhere else suitable.