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MOVED To Artix {previously "Moving"}

Old developer here. Recently retired. I have not been a fan of systemd since the beginning. Old AT&T SysV 3.3.3 guy.

I still do secure development for DoD contractors from time to time.

Been on Arch, but today, one lone drive in my multiple drive setup wouldn't come online - and systemd rolled over and died and refused to boot. Systemd has caused me issues and headaches over and over since the beginning - and FreeBSD is just not flexible enough for my needs. I was on FreeBSD for about a year until the ports quality started to become problematic. Linux has the flexibility that I need - especially with different file systems.

Installed Artix (openRC and runit) on a spare system and was able to pacman clone my Arch system to it with ease.

So - Artix has a new user! My main workstation is being hard-wiped and converted to Artix as soon as the local mirror finishes building. I have to use a local mirror as one DoD client's system, as per the contract docs, it may not be connected to any network of any kind for any reason. So I "Sneakernet" the mirror over to it on a 250Gb USB SSD. If the Artix mirror is bigger, I have a couple extra 1TB USB's I'll use - so no worries.

If things go well as I expect they will, I'll move my family over too. They are on Manjaro.

THANK YOU for providing a SystemD alternative - to a very flexible distro - Arch.

Sincerely and respectfully,


Re: Moving To Artix

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welcome to Artix  A great alternative to Arch
For me Artix has been rock solid since the day it was installed what more can I say.  8)

Re: Moving To Artix

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Been looking out there.  Isn't much in the way of no systemd with arch.  A few debian based distros like antix but not much else.  Seems like a good place to be here.

MOVE was successful

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The move was uneventfull. The installation wiki forgot to mention symlinking the timezone, but that was an easy fix.

I have 9 drives in this development workstation, and two KVM machines.

I am 100% back up and running. I did the hard-wipe as the older Arch Install was due for a "refresh". I had deleted a lot of stuff and needed to cleanup my home dir. I have a tertiary backup strategy - so a hard-wipe was easy to rebuild from.

This AM was the last step - installing my custom kernel. The build went normal and installation was a cinch.

And it may be the refreshed home dir - but the system, is significantly perkier than under Arch. Which is curious....Both systems were installed to the same SSD, with the same FS (ext4), with my fstab, with my same daemons I need launched, and the same custom kernel under the hood.

Great distro!



Re: MOVED To Artix {previously "Moving"}

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Indeed welcome. :)

Best regards.
We should try to be kind to everyone.....we are all fighting some sort of battle.

Re: MOVED To Artix {previously "Moving"}

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Gotta love uneventful moves to a new distro, right? haha