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openrc update to knod-openrc

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Replace kmod-openrc with system/openrc? [Y/n] n

one the latest update it is asking to replace openrc.  I would think I would have heard something about this if we were going to revamp openrc at the core.

Should I let it go?

Re: openrc update to knod-openrc

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It is the other way around.
openrc stays, kmod-openrc should be removed.

Well that says the message you posted.
I think it is fine, it should be part of the background work done by the team for more general support for other inits.

Or rather wait for someone to clarify it.
Man is as good as his tools.

Re: openrc update to knod-openrc

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it'd be nice if we got some updates/news from the team on at least the core components being changed/removed like this, just a basic "we're removing kmod because _____" kind of thing..

Re: openrc update to knod-openrc

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That's harmless. Nothing is being removed. The kmod-thing is just being merged into the openrc package.