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Bumblebee failure after update

Hi everybody, I'm not really sure if it is the same issue as here.

I'm currently using the lts kernel (version 4.19.81-2-lts) and the nvidia-390xx-lts driver (I have a GT540M card). After an update bumblebee gives the usual errors that it can't access secondary GPU or failed to load nouveau module. Usually I wait for a driver update because this is not the first time that the kernel and the driver aren't in sync.

But time passes and the problem persist so I tried everything I could find to solve it until I noticed that in the /usr/lib/modules are two dirs. One for the 4.19.81-2 kernel and one for the 4.19.81-1 kernel and find that there are no nvidia modules for my kernel but there are for the old one.

Is there any workaround for this?

I tried to rollback to the previous version of the kernel and headers but OMG for a reason that it is not the subject of this topic I had to clear the cache and I can't install the previous version.

Is there anyway to download the 4.19.81-1 version of the kernel and headers? I'm new to Artix and I don't know if there is some repo to download older versions of some packages.

Thanks in advance for your answers and forgive me if I made some mistakes because english isn't my native language

Re: Bumblebee failure after update

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Well it happens, for such cases use dkms packages.
Simple pros and cons: Always for your actual kernel but the update takes longer.

Code: [Select]
pacman -S nvidia-390xx-dkms
Man is as good as his tools.

Re: Bumblebee failure after update

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I unnistalled the lts version and installed the dkms version and now it's working again. I never used the dkms version because I allways thought that it was for custom kernels.

Thank you very much for your answer.