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syslog-ng boot delay

Hello Artix community! I have only been using Artix about 3 weeks. It is working great so far.

I started off using the main kernel, but yesterday I had to switch to linux-lts due to scroll freezing in firefox. That will be the subject of another post. I don't want to ask two questions in one post.

The issue is, during the boot, the process freezes at:

Checking your config file (/etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf)...

I think it would hang there forever, but after a  minute or so I can move along by simply hitting enter key.

Has anyone else seen this? Is there a fix? Thanks!

Re: syslog-ng boot delay

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This is an annoying issue I haven't quite figured out what causes it.

The delay can be fixed by starting haveged before syslog-ng.

For some strange reason, there is not enough entropy present.

If you just press some random keys without haveged, you will notice syslog-ng starts up.

Re: syslog-ng boot delay

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Wow that was fast. That fixed it. Thank you!

After installing haveged-openrc, enabling it and rebooting, I still had the problem so I appended  haveged  to the  after line in the depend section of /etc/init.d/syslog-ng

Is that the best way to do it?

I guess I might have to fix it after updates. No big deal.