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Cinnamon cannot shutdown

A few days ago openrc got updated and since then whenever I have tried to shutdown from within Cinnamon's menu a dialog box appears asking me if I want to shutdown but with only the cancel option available. 

At the moment the way I shutdown now is to logout then shutdown from the login screen.

I have searched for a fix for this but cannot find one.  I am guessing I need to amend the code / command assigned to the shutdown button on the menu but cannot find a way of editing the menu.

Re: Cinnamon cannot shutdown

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I still haven't found a way to solve this issue and I also had an issue with copying / moving files to and from my Android device using Nemo, so I have decided to replace Cinnamon with XFCE.

So far, XFCE is running well.

Re: Cinnamon cannot shutdown

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Sorry for the late reply. This was caused by a change made to cinnamon upstream which made it have issues with elogind. I have patched cinnamon to fix it and it does work now.
Chris Cromer