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saying hello

A view day's ago i got introduced to Artix.
Using Arch since half a year (before 12 years Debian), i am investigating the systemd free distro's.
I choose to invest and look at openrc version. Why ? no idea. More documentation about rc ?

Downloaded the latest testing Iso, Lxde. (31-12-2019). Dual-boot Artix / Manjaro Xfce on my Toshiba Sat. Pro.
My desktop runs dual-boot Antix / Arcolinuxd i3. (hp compaq).

The funny thing with projects like this, working on security and keep the Distro as close to yourself (i have the power).
For social media, this is not the case. The mass still uses FB -services or GG. I know why (sheep and easy).
It's still very rare that people concerning security and privacy on the social platform and looking for alternatives.

In Holland we have a saying, What the farmer does not know, It does not eat it. In other words, if something is easy and used for years, why looking further for other way's.

There are alternative to Fb. Personally i am using MeWe. Diaspora i tried in the past. Good network too. Mewe is more user friendly, i think.

Why stick with FB services.  Become not only systemd free, but also SuckNBurg free  project/community. There are some others moved from GG+ to Mewe, like Arcolinux.

I think your project is very nice and i am curious how it will develop. Keep on the good work Devs.

Greetings from Holland.  :-*    keep it stupid simple