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Topic: libvirtd libvirt-openrc file conflicts work around (Read 83 times) previous topic - next topic
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libvirtd libvirt-openrc file conflicts work around

I ran into the same issue mentioned in,354.0.html , but managed to work around it, and thought I'd share my steps for any other lost soul who wanders by

I looked at the sources of the two packages, and it looks like the files for libvirt-openrc are coming from here: .  Reading the files, it seems they're all comments except for the line `rc_need="net"`.  I then added that line to `/etc/conf.d/libvirtd`, and edited the PKGBUILD to remove the unused files (and bump the revision numbers).  Also, as per,885.0.html , I needed to change `need firewall` to `want firewall`

Modified PKGBUILD:
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I don't really know how to package this and commit it upstream, sorry, but maybe it could help someone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯