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s6 bundle update script

I've created a s6 script that allows one to add/del service(s) from a bundle w/o the need of manually deleting then adding original services and new one(s). Of course script comes with no guarantee that it won't break something. I did test this and it works fine in my testing, but follow the note in the script, make a backup of the bundle you are changing first. Also added -h OPTION to show example of how it is used.
Script is here:

Re: s6 bundle update script

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This script (with some improvements) is now upstream and distributed with s6-rc as s6-rc-bundle-update. Enjoy!


Re: s6 bundle update script

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Did a rewrite of the script so it now supports the -c argument (like with s6-rc-bundle). This means it can be used completely offline (no s6-rc running) and on any arbitrary database. The default, of course, is to use it on /etc/s6/rc/compiled which is where the live database is located. I didn't find any issues with it, so I'll move the new s6-rc from testing and into stable later today.