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Virtual Human AI Query?

Good Morning All,

I run dual drives. Artix is my goto, and W10 for Skyrim SE. Artix is simply awesome!

I am intrigued by modern AI, and may have an implication in my volunteer work that I do with the disabled.

Does anyone know if there any software out there in Linuxland or w10land....that has a graphical character interface (like my NPC's in Skyrim), where the underlying software is AI - like a human being? Where the user can interact with it, converse with it, and it animates properly?

My google searches come up with some x-rated stuff. Maybe IO'm using the wrong search terms I don;t know....I'm looking at this for patients - both disabled civilians and disabled veterans who are shutins - to give them some sort of human relationship experience....But obviously the "X" rated stuff either needs to be able to be disabled, or have the app not have that type of behavior in it at all.

I'm sure coming up empty.....And this type of tech may not be there.

If no one knows of anything - then I'm going to involve a psych at the local VA where I volunteer - to see if they are aware of anything....But anything medical comes with a painful price tag associated with it.

Thank you for your time,


Re: Virtual Human AI Query?

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They did ask some possibly leading questions early on, e.g. eviebot "Do you want to have them with me?" Me: "Biscuits?" boibot "Do you like role play?" Me "I'm not an actor." So not going that route just resulted in non x rated conversation for me. I suppose as they learn from conversations it says something about what some people have said to them...  ;D
There is one called Replika but you have to open an account so I didn't get that far. And Mitsuku has good chat but no online free avatar version it seems.

Re: Virtual Human AI Query?

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Thank you for the reply. I appreciate it.

What I was looking for was more of a stand-alone program where the virtual human appeared as most NPC's do in today's games.

I don't think the tech I'm looking for exists yet...At least not in the mainstream.

Thank you again!



Re: Virtual Human AI Query?

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Chatbots have been about for decades, so there ought to be a few reasonable ones about there somewhere.
Here is an offline adaptable one with 3D animated avatars, loads of others are on the website too:

Download the zip file. Unzip it.
Didn't work for me running the .exe in wine (perhaps if I had installed Windows java in wine?) or using openjdk.
$ java -jar botlibre-desktop.jar
Error: Unable to initialize main class org.botlibre.sdk.activity.MainActivity
Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javafx/embed/swing/JFXPanel
But, success, this worked with oracle java unpacked into /opt/java
$ /opt/java/jre1.8.0_241/bin/java -jar botlibre-desktop.jar
It then built / compiled my local java chatbot. I selected "Julie" and saw there was some dating etc preprogrammed phrases in there, although nothing too outrageous I thought. I think you can customize it and possibly just choosing some of the other robot personality options at the start would help. There are lots more customizing options on the website. This is a simple, code free creation process apparently. The license is non standard, and there's bundled content with various licenses, including Facebook. So you may need to check if you can use it for what you intend, perhaps the creators could help you more, and to achieve your exact aims? Probably they would be sympathetic given your purpose. There is an audio output to the replies, perhaps a voice to text input could be set up somehow if you wanted, probably seperately but inputting into the chatbot window.
You could discuss it with your chatbot too!  ;D