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[SOLVED] Audio Issues after Kernel Update

I want to be able to play video and start streaming videos

After I updated the kernel and alsa-plugin to

Code: [Select]

I am unable to play video.

I get the error message

Code: [Select]
dsp_protocol_open_node(): Could not open pcm device file /dev/dsptask/pcm2

and dmesg

Code: [Select]
 segfault at 0 ip 00007f12fe33f6f5 sp 00007ffe07b87908 error 4 in[7f12fe203000+14d000]

How can I resolve this unfortunately I do not have old kernel in the cache anymore 

Re: Audio Issues after Kernel Update

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It's actually alsa-plugins that's the problem here not the kernel. The new version comes with extra configuration that breaks certain ALSA setups. You can see more details on theArch report. Anyway, we'll push the fix ASAP. In the meantime, you could downgrade alsa-plugins, remove it, or install the new one in Arch.


Re: Audio Issues after Kernel Update

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thanks. the update to


did the trick.