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netmount deja vu

Looking to see if I had the hwclock error too (yes) I spotted ERROR: netmount needs service(s) net, so I ran rc-update delete netmount default. I have no netmounts. This seemed familiar - had I done this before? Today openrc was upgraded when I updated and it said: warning: could not get file information for etc/runlevels/default/netmount. And netmount was back in default (well briefly until I deleted it again.  ;D ) So some services get added on updates regardless of whether they have been previously removed. I think I've seen other packages automatically enable themselves too on installation, whether they do so on updates I'm not sure.

Re: netmount deja vu

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Yes, that works. A good idea - that isn't in the man pages! Trying it out the netmount error appears quite late before the desktop starts, so sometimes it doesn't get written to the console until shutdown which makes it a bit confusing, but that line does seem to work well. The same principle applied to hwclock does not have any effect though, I think it must run before rc.conf is read.

sysvinit with startstopdaemon (as used in Devuan and elsewhere) stores user set values in hidden files:
/etc/init.d/.depend.boot  /etc/init.d/.depend.start  /etc/init.d/.depend.stop

There is some set up possible in /etc/conf.d for both hwclock and netmount, but it seems more efficient to simply not run them at all if they are not required, not that a few lines of script makes much difference. Perhaps that's better than storing the user prefs?