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tribler 7.4.4-1 dependencies [solved (sort of)]


the tribler developer doing a terrible mess with the tribler 7.4.4-1 dependencies.
There are more unlisted dependencies of tribler 7.4.4-1:
 python-twisted  (+ sub-dependencies)

With this additional packages tribler at least starts.
But the complete bitcoin functionality is missing.

I installed additional:  python-service-identity   (optional dependency of python-pyopenssl)
tribler also uses and expect a anydex dir in /usr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/Tribler
But /usr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/Tribler/anydex is missing. Also the anydex dependency python-autobahn and its sub-dependencies python-txaio and python-wsaccel.

It seems that nobody at Delft University of Technology has proper program deployment skills  :(

Re: tribler 7.4.4-1 dependencies [solved (sort of)]

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Additionally, this is a package from Arch [community] and unless an Artix dev gets a particular interest in it to import and maintain, things won't get any better.

Re: tribler 7.4.4-1 dependencies [solved (sort of)]

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As nous said, it is Arch package, can you bother Arch packagers ?
It would be great if they fixed it, you can create bug report for the package on Arch website.

And if, truly only if these dependencies are not provided by systemd (always present) they might be willing to add them.
Man is as good as his tools.