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Re: KDE Spyware

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This thread has turned into  a 3 ring circus.

Re: KDE Spyware

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I apologies to the rest of the thread - this is not a trolling attempt. I'm honestly just flabbergasted. This will be my last post in response.

Again, thee masks do not protect you from postulated viruses.
Don't know how to respond here. Are you suggesting covid is assumed to exist? Really? What did over 900K people die from this year alone?

Are you also trying to to keep mosquitoes  out with a mesh wire fence?
Well, yes actually. I do use a fine mesh on my doors and windows to keep out all sorts of bugs. Marvelous technology. I use something similar on my body (clothing). You should see the bites on my legs when wearing shorts vs pants. I am, without a doubt, a tasty treat.

I would recommend to research Exosomes, Vesicles and Pleomorphism.
Lot of ways to tackle this, but lets start with the basics we were all taught in math (if not in any other class that requires to see your reasoning).
Show you work.
How do you think any of these terms support your stance? If you can't be bothered to make the connections for your argument, then the listener should assume that you don't actually have a strong position. Do not fall into the trap of “RTFM”.

Protecting from fluids? Really? You will never kiss again, never eat with people, maybe share a plate of fork?
What a leap this was on your part. Where are you getting "never" from?
Maybe this will answer your question and put a more reasonable context on it.
Will I choose to be in close proximity to anyone exhibiting symptoms or I may not know their exposure history. Nope!
This is no different than before.
If someone comes into work sick, I remind them of sick leave as I am putting as much distance as I can from them. Do I stay awake at night worrying about a cold? Nope! But why spend any more of my limited time on this earth feeling like warmed sick when it’s so easily preventable.

Btw, what I am saying is also in line with funnily the corrupt WHO and CDC, there is no freaking pandemic, only a test epidemic with fraudulent RT PCR tests, that were never meant a diagnostic test. So there I said it, because knowledge is power.
This is some weird reasoning.... "See? Even the corrupt who lie to us all the time agree with me..."

Ever heard of Event201, held coincidentally right before a "pandemic" was declared?
Good point. I mean, who prepares for things? I certainly don't have a 6 month reserve of money for lean times. Or a fund to fix my car when something breaks. If I did, then clearly I was planning for this ahead of time and it would be fraud. I’ve felt the same about the civil engineers… looking at roads and bridges… it’s like they are planning for massive collapse or damage...

Ever read the 2010 Rockefeller foundation "Lock Step" document?
Did... did you just post a glorified mommy blog as evidence? Neat. I've seen more of that woman's butt than most strangers and that was TRYING to learn who this random person was. Sorry, if the point is well establisted, there MUST be a more professional source.

That said, doctors have tight regulations on mask wearing, and they change it when they go the  next room and put used masks in a special container.
Mask are bad for health, it prevents you breathing properly, your blood PH goes acidic, it collects fungi and bacteria, and especially fungi will be in your mouth gum from prolonged unhygienic mask wearing by basically amateurs. Let alone the psychological damage on people and society.
Do tell. Because the doctors I work with absolutely wear it for MORE than dirt and hair. They wear each PPE based on the probability of risk and escalate the PPE based on risk.
If you dentist isn't wearing a mask while poking around in your mouth, get a new dentist.
So a mask... which doesn't block a virus of 60 to 140 nm, CAN block a molecule that is around 0.33 nm....
If it's collecting fungi and bacteria... WASH them or get a new one. Same as you would clothing or a bandaid!
Amateurs?? This isn’t difficult. Most of these people are allowed or encouraged to drive big chunks of metal at high speeds on the daily. How is a mask too much to ask of a population?

Unpopular  these day, but if the creator had wished us to wear masks, he would have made us with masks. And if germ theory of contagion was true, there would be no one alive today to believe in it.
Risky of you to presume what the creator intends, but since we’re guessing, here’s my take: the creator gave us brains to improve and survive in and with our environment. By your reasoning, do not wear glasses. Do not wear clothing. Just outright STOP using tools at all.

I urge you to put on your FP3 whatever mask, and go visit some wood works or car garage, where they sand stuff in special room with ventilation etc.
Now, put on your super mask, go in that sanding room, stay in there for about half an hour. Record your mask before and after and post the video here. 
These dust particles are much, much bigger in size than a nano meter exosome(virus). you will find that your super mask is dirty inside.
You're not wearing it properly or you aren't replacing it often enough. The back pressure is breaking the seal. A smart sander vents the majority of the particulates out instead of putting all the burden on the mask. I've sanded down my walls to remove texture (what a terrible trend in home design) with a much finer particulate. A properly fitted mask made for the job absolutely works.

artoo, this will be hard to convey on the internet where everyone presumes the other side is out to "win" and take swipes at each other. But I am legitimately concerned for you. I'm not saying there is a one for one parity - but as a cautionary tale, have you looked up Terry A Davis?

I wish the best of luck to the rest of the team and community.
I don't think I can trust a distro where the founder makes these interesting leaps. Couple that with the statements their stance on privacy like it's a lost cause (it's dire, true, but giving up is unacceptable)... I'll have to pass.
Everyone, stay safe and healthy - physically and mentally.

Re: KDE Spyware

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you take it very personally ... personal opinions have no effect on the quality of the distra or the code produced.

It's your right not to use a distro from someone you disagree with, but it's childish.

Please lock this thread as it is completely off-topic!

Re: KDE Spyware

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I don't think I can trust a distro where the founder makes these interesting leaps.

I wish you well after you switched to MS Windows.
It is made by mentally sound people who want only good for you.
It will also be compatible with ID2020, so you are fit for the biometric "vaccine" developed by them.


 Publication Number WO/2020/060606
 Publication Date 26.03.2020
International Application No. PCT/US2019/038084
International Filing Date 20.06.2019