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Re: KDE Spyware

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I have a copy of deleted by KDE (censorship) reddit post if anyone would like. There will be more and more hardcoded ktelemetry dependancy. Besides "slider" from 'kuserfeedback' GUI is fake. It does nothing. Data is still collected.

P.S. Surprisingly Fedora 32 KDE Spin does not have this. They removed it! Maybe Artix could do it too. I will refuse to use Xfce and Mate and Mutter (or Fedora). They are not for me, neither the set of GTK apps. The case is there will be more like this. First KDE, then Xfce, thne Fluxbox or whatever. It doesn't work this way "go away, use something else". Lets say MS via Linux Foundation (they are member of it, platinum one) sponsors KDE and demands it. Its their biggest competitor. So when you say "don't use it, go away", what does it do to the MS competition? Exactly. MS wins. 20 years of KDE and it was fine. And now this. Then if everyone will go to Xfce and a "sponsor" demands "spyware" situation will be the same: "go away". Where? GNOME 3, jwm? No it doesn't work this way.

There are only like 2 "mother" distros "Debian" and "Arch". MS has only to convince two of them, the rest will follow. And all of them will have spyware. So lets say NSA wants inclusion of systemd. They only need like 4 people: 2 in Debian and 2 in Arch. 1st person from each is the BOSS of the distro, 2nd person of both of this distros is "the head of polls" (does anyone ever made a real polls asking people about init?). Exactly. 4 people and 100s of distro follow.

and have you created a new bug in archlinux to remove it? it will not be done by itself

Re: KDE Spyware

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I don't think rebuild some KDE packages would be a problem but rebuild the whole plasma is another topic. Our resources are very limited and build the whole KDE is costly. Also, rebuild just some KDE packages could possibly  make Plasma more difficult to upgrade for all those users that are as unfortunate as to make an upgrade while Arch packages have an update but we could not update ours yet.

I didn't read the reddit thread, and I understand some users can feel strongly against this kind of practices I also value my privacy, if KDE is gonna follow this path from now on, I would suggest to move to something else, even if we end maintaining our own packages for it.

you need rebuild few packages (mostly pim and kate) in KDE, not all Plasma, because this kuserfeedback is optional only, no hard dep.

But, I'm just surprised by the hysteria, instead of really seeing what they really downloading from the user. Source codes are available.
what they want from us?

Re: KDE Spyware

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Would something like this work?
Code: [Select]
$ ln -s /dev/null testnull
$ echo "hello" >testnull
$ cat testnull
It seems telemetry is disabled as default, but the app still logs the data regardless. So if you had a package that shipped with it that just provided a symlink log file to /dev/null, but could be removed if someone wanted to use the telemetry feedback, could that provide a simple hack to disable it?
They suggest:
add "" to "/etc/hosts"


Re: KDE Spyware

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I don't need zeitgeist, I don't need geoip-city, geoip2, dbus generating uniqueID (machine-id).
I'm no fan of tracking either, but apart from the suggestions above (and until/unless a dev takes over the offending packages or the entire kde group), you can use the symlink and/or hosts tricks. BTW, our community ISOs create a random machine-id of the box at every boot.