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LxQt Configuration is Missing a LxQt Software


New LxQt 0.15 which came with the new Artix updates has a new Qt addition to the LxQt software compilation, i.e. "LxQt File Archiver", hence there's no need for GTK Xarchiver. Please remove Xarchiver, but include LxQT File Archiver out of the box in the next ISO. Thank you.

PS. LXImage does not display webp.

Re: LxQt Configuration is Missing a LxQt Software

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lxqt is stuff from Archlinux - not our, so use please and select 'feature request'

Re: LxQt Configuration is Missing a LxQt Software

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Code: [Select]
sudo pacman -Si lximage-qt

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qt5-imageformats (optional) - support for additional image formats (WEBP, TIFF, etc.)

Re: LxQt Configuration is Missing a LxQt Software

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LxQt is modular, ie. it does not pull tons of updates- they are all separate (not metapackage dependancy, Xarchiver is foreign and not part of LxQt). Xarchiver is easily substituted for LxQt Archiver to be out of the box (not like KDE stuff).

Ristretto Image Viewer on Xfce doesn't display webp either and doesn't use Qt-imageformats. Hence Thunar File Manager doesn't display .webp thumbnails.

Gwenview does 't display webp either when you install it with tons of KDE as dependancy, i.e. qt5-imageformats is not a gwenview dependancey, and must be installed separately. Ristretto does not display webp with this library whatsoever.

Lximage is qt and uses qt-imageformat, but is missing in default installation.

1. Include qt-imageformats by default for LxQt (KDE already has it by default)
2. Fix GTK Image viewers (Xfce, MATE, and Thunar thumbnails) by inclusion of whatever library they are missing, and if not fixable because they depend on whatever library to display images (I don't know) then they are fixable by switching to another library to display images (like Image Magic as a backend).