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53 MB Improvement

It would be nice to add Abiword and Gnumeric to the default LxQt version. They are small, but powerfull and fast and still in active development. It would be more professional and those are very suitable to LxQt. You may not include Libre Office to downsize the ISO in KDE or Mate, as well as give user choice between Libre Office Still or Fresh, but here the download size is just 53 MB. So no harm, esp. when users may not know how awesome Gnumeric and Abiword are ! They are on par with Libre Office but fast as hell.

Re: 53 MB Improvement

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The minimal images only serve to get you a bare minimum working desktop and an installer. Even as such, we're getting complaints of them being bloated. Use a community ISO for more pre-installed and preconfigured stuff or use pacman.

Re: 53 MB Improvement

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Its OK if its too much. I totally understand, including the fact that maintaining the list for each DE would be cumbersome. I will post what should be installed in a separate post (some vital stuff is missing and some as we discovered should be substituted due to deprecation in Arch and default changes in Arch).