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Midori Has Broken Address Bar


Midori has broken address bar (both in Xfce and LxQt). You can type a webpage address in the address bar, but you can't type with forward slash (e.g. <--- you can't type "/"). You either reclick it within the page or copy the full address from a text editor.

Re: Midori Has Broken Address Bar

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I don't have accounts for multiple software, so I posted here. Have no idea if its an upstream bug or some sort of libinput version bug or other stuff. I possibly cannot keep track of all upstream bugs (or know where they come from), but if anyone notices this and they already have an account, they are welcome to report. Maybe it would be a better idea to substitute Midori and use Falkon instead (MATE, LxQt). Will post in separate Suggestion (upstream changes in Arch, deprecated libraries, suggestions because of errors, changes of default libraries/software in Arch, missing usability libraries- I possibly cannot know all of these so I am learing them posting errors/bug here and getting nice answer, like for example that Arch no longer uses compton but a fork and compton doesn't start in lxde and starting it form terminal gives nasty whole page errors and suggested qt5ctl is not installed by default in Artix Lxqt and so on...).

Re: Midori Has Broken Address Bar

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Можно использовать / рядом с Num Lock

Запустите midori и Shift + /