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Two Tiny Visual Glitches in Xfce


Not being fun of dark themes, I kind of like it on Artix Xfce. Looks good, but I have noticed two tiny visual glitches.

First is with panel items placement. Unlike KDE panel (where its ok) in the top right corner the text is too close to the edge. I had to add one "spacer", right click it and change it to "transparent".

Second is with the icon set. Its very nice, but "orage global time" is completely out of place with the look. With the right click I have changed it to something that was already in the collection of icons (chose "all icons" in the drop-down menu) with a dark clock icon (something called "sys admin clock" or similar).

Would be nice to add an icon to the collection an the spacer out of the box.

Re: Two Tiny Visual Glitches in Xfce

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Can you post before/after screenshots? Or the diff changes in the configuration files?