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Missing OpenRC scripts

If there are any missing OpenRC scripts you can post them here
They may or may not be added to repo, but I will attempt to atleast do them and provide the PKGBUILD and scripts needed for them

Also have some extras at

Re: Missing OpenRC scripts

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I start sddm directly, and do not use xdm nor xdm-setup.  Simpler, if no need for xdm.

My own personal sddm open-rc script, copied mostly from xdm, works:

Code: [Select]
# DXR sddm
# This is a custom init script to start sddm directly; without the use of xdm.
# Simply place this script in /etc/init.d and set it to run via rc-update.
# Set xdm and xdm-setup to NOT run via rc-update.

description="DXR sddm"
#DXR from xdm
start_stop_daemon_args="-m --background"

depend() {
    need localmount

    # this should start as early as possible
    after bootmisc consolefont modules netmount
    after readahead-list ypbind autofs openvpn gpm lircmd
    after quota keymaps
    before alsasound

    # Start before X
    use elogind dbus xfs

Re: Missing OpenRC scripts

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Already a sddm-openrc in repo :)

Edit: sddm-openrc has been removed due to displaymanager-openrc can take care of them.

Re: Missing OpenRC scripts

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Would like to see sddm-openrc remain. 

xdm's (displaymanager-openrc) convolution can be difficult to follow for debugging problems: xdm-setup>xdm>>display manager (sddm or whatever).   Various options passed via save_options....

But do understand using xdm ability to start any DM and not having to maintain separate DM openrc packages.