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[SOLVED] s6 services logging

In s6 artix, I see log directory for each of the service deamons. Ex: sshd-log for sshd-srv , which I think s6-log(executed in run script of log directory) grabs all the logs from the deamon service.
I'm also seeing s6-svscan-log service running s6-log and redirecting to /run/uncaught-logs/ .
Does s6-svcan-log service also collects logs from all service daemons?? When this service is run and what logs does it collect?
I'm confused. Can you please clarify.

Re: s6 services logging

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Oops sorry I missed this earlier. You're right about the *-log directories. Most of the scripts have a separate s6-log daemon that reads the output of the actual daemon and logs it in /var/log/daemon-name. As you noted, there's also s6-svscan-log. What that does is pick up any output from any part of the s6/s6-rc/s6-linux-init workflow that isn't captured by some other logger. Essentially, it's just a service that ensures you never lose any logs.

Re: s6 services logging

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Thank you Sir.