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Evolution printing fails

Since a few weeks I'm testing Gnome and I like this desktop more and more.

I use Evolution as my mail client. Basically everything works fine but I have problems to print a mail.
My printer is the Epson Expression XP-312 and I installed the printer driver "epson-inkjet-printer-201301w" from the AUR.
Cups is installed and the openrc packages as well. I have started cupsd the openrc service and added it to runlevel default.
I have done this successfully with many other Arch based distributions.

I am able to print from Libreoffice and from Firefox without any problems, but if I want to print from Evolution, I can choose the correct printer driver, but then the message "Printing failed" appears every time and as 2nd line "The message of the printer was: >>Printer not found<< (translated from my German error message).

Does anyone have an idea what the error could be and how I can fix it?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Re: Evolution printing fails

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Hi Roberto,

A possible solution may be, the one mentioned here, that CUPS can
be set to listen to LPR/LPD requests, so if you enable that you will
easily be able to print to any printer you have locally configured on
the 'host' operating system.

Can you check your CUPS settings?

Re: Evolution printing fails

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Hi linuxer,

I'm afraid I'm not sure what I have to do. I selected "change printer" in cups and then switched to "lpd/lpr host or printer".
In the next window I was offered the connection: "lpd://ip-address:515/PASSTHRU".
Then I selected the "epson-inkjet-printer-201301w".
I was able to print a test page successfully, but after I tried to print from Evolution the following error message appeared: "The printer's message was: "Child process "lpr" could not be executed (file or directory not found)".

I think I will work better with Thunderbird, printing works fine here  ;)

Thank you very much for your help!


Re: Evolution printing fails

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"Child process "lpr" could not be executed (file or directory not found)".
Hi again,

lpr stands for line print, so it is normal, ever since there was a print error.

Well, Thunderbird is much better as an email client, than Evolution, imho.