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grub-mkconfig - no canonical path

I am trying to install Artix  from  on an external disk, UEFI .

I goth the message about no canonical path, then I read a little more and followed the advice to go to the Arch Linux wiki, where  I tried to follow the advice to use arch-root    as described in the linked BBS POst  in

I tried to use arch-chroot but got a message "command not found". Then I ran     pacman  -Ss arch-chroot      and and got no answer at all, tried      pacman  -S arch-root   and     pacman -Sy arch-chroot     and     got    *target not found".

Looked into  but could  not find anything there.  Long time at google to no avail. 

Went through the forum and the closest I got was this post,1507.msg10373.html#msg10373  which made me aware that I may be in a difficult situation  and thought it would be appropriate to beg your counsel.

Re: grub-mkconfig - no canonical path

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I don't know about your error message but if you just need to chroot, you can use "artools-chroot" (for Artix). Note that both "arch-chroot" and "artools-chroot" are just convenience wrappers for the chroot command so you don't have to mount a bunch of filesystems manually in the place you want to chroot to.

Re: grub-mkconfig - no canonical path

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Should look at our wiki for install and some other things before looking at Arch