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how to ask correctly to get the right answer

Many of you are asking about various issues, although not always related to artixlinux, and many of you are new to linux - which makes us happy - although sometimes without deeper knowledge.

What to do if I have a problem:
  • First go through and and use the relevant parts (all except the systemd commands on the archlinux wiki) to set up your system really correctly.
  • Look at the internet to see if anyone has had a similar error (at least 90% of problems have already been solved on the internet before you) - often a question of 5 minutes before solving it here for days and peoples here will look at the internet anyway :-)
  • Follow the announcements on the main page at artixlinux / archlinux too

If nothing helped and you still have a problem, always give us relevant information when creating a topic (we really don't care that you had a good breakfast and that the computer is red) ;-) The following commands are necessary to get an idea of ​​your computer and how linux works or does not work on it, especially if there is a problem with the drivers, HW, audio, video - all need run under root or use sudo:

Code: [Select]
lspci -v
Code: [Select]
Code: [Select]
Code: [Select]

Xserver/DM/video problems related need add this log too:
Code: [Select]
cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log
infos from your favorite DM like cat /var/log/sddm.log

all another relevant info: model at laptop, which related program you use: like alsa vs. pulseaudio, connman vs. networkmanager, which init you use - if init related, etc.

Use or another favorite paste service and put here links with logs, if you do not know how to format posts.

If you have any logs, great!  And now describe your problem as accurately as possible. Sentences like "I installed it and it doesn't work" is grammatically correct, but it won't tell us anything. What's wrong? What you do? How?  What does it, that you think,  it doesn't work?

And we also expect a little your interest and cooperation:
Log in once a week with additional information or a message that it still does not work, it is not entirely ideal ;-)

Thank you for your cooperation!

This post is intentionally put into announces for everyone to see and follow