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Clear or block diplay of OpenRC boot logs

I have enabled the parallel start of services, and agetty/locale services start before the start of network and my devs servers(php, postgres…).
I can login but I get a messy output with my login prompt mixed with openrc start logs.
I want to clear the screen and block OpenRC from displaying logs on the tty1 when agetty is started.
I'm using the tty login and WM autostart on login.

tty1 is for sway, tty2 is for i3, tty3 is my fallback tty(if sway and i3 is broken) after that… i don't use the others tty so I can probably move OpenRC logs to another tty, but I don't know if it's possible.

Re: Clear or block diplay of OpenRC boot logs

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Well agetty services say "after local" and local says "after *" (everything else) so your problem services must be reporting themselves as started when they haven't completed the start procedure, and it's most likely those that need looking at. In my case I get a login as the final thing with no interference from other services, I also usually have autologin with agetty on tty7 enabled which might kind of dodge your issue without fixing it, but you may not want an autologin of course.