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How Do I Suppress Console Output in TTY1?

When I boot up my system I will get messages in tty1 when I go to log in. For example:

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Artix Linux 5.10.4-artix2-1 (tty1)
artix login: mc
wlp5s0: authenticate with 00:cb:51:fb:9a:df
wlp5s0: send auth to 00:cb:51:fb:9a:df (try 1/3)
wlp5s0: authenticated
wlp5s0: associate with 00:cb:51:fb:9a:df (try 1/3)
wlp5s0: RX AssocResp from 00:cb:51:fb:9a:df (capab=0x11 status=0 aid=1)
wlp5s0: associated

This looks like it is from `NetworkManager` which is a service I have set up to run at boot (runit):

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$ ls /run/runit/service
NetworkManager  acpid  agetty-tty1  agetty-tty2  agetty-tty3  agetty-tty4  agetty-tty5  agetty-tty6  cronie  dbus  elogind  sshd  udevd  device-mapper  lvm2

I can still type in my password but it's still really annoying. How do I suppress these messages?


Re: How Do I Suppress Console Output in TTY1?

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Well, that seems to be a bug related to wireless managers which work with NetworkManager, wpa_supplicant in the first place. Actually, it spams messages not to tty1 directly, but to /dev/console. There is a recipe somewhere on the forum, but in a brief. Here how I overcame this issue.

First, install iwd and make NetworkManager use it instead of wpa_supplicant:

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This feature is described as "experimental", but it works. Then, enable logging for iwd service:

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exec svlod -t /var/log/iwd
(Make this file executable, of course)

And then, enable iwd service as usual:
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ln -sf /etc/runit/sv/iwd /run/runit/service

NetworkManager enables wpa_supplicant automatically, and you don't need to activate it, but iwd must be activated. With logging is enabled for iwd, no messages appear in /dev/console.