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[SOLVED] Wiki Access for updating Root on ZFS guide

Hi there, I've ported FreeBSD ZFS boot environment manager to Linux and have wrote a guide for installing Arch/Artix Linux on a compatible ZFS layout. Recovery procedures are also included in the guide.

I would like to update the guide in Artix Wiki to support boot environments.

With boot environments, one can just reboot and select a time point inside GRUB menu, and the root filesystem will be restored to that time point, including initramfs. The current broken system is not discarded either and can be mounted and debugged with chroot.

The guide available in Artix wiki is in a dire need to be updated for several reasons:

Not compatible with boot environments. Persistent data is not separated from root filesystem.

Persistent device names must be used instead of /dev/sda when creating pools. I've done the latter once with a 12-disk server, and the pool crashed after just one reboot due to swapped device names.

rEFInd boots ZFS pools with a ZFS EFI driver. The ZFS EFI driver in turn is a wrapper of GRUB ZFS driver. GRUB is lagging behind ZFS development for too long and it does not boot pools with the latest features, such as native encryption and ZStandard compression.

To enjoy what OpenZFS truly has to offer, a separate boot pool needs to be created. This is recommended by all official Root on ZFS guides published on OpenZFS documentation website.

And, for some reason, archzfs-testing is used instead of stable repo in the article.

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