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Xfce suspend and wake

Hello Guys,

I have a trivial problem with my Xfce desktop.Some time ago, shortly after installation, when i suspended from Xfce(prior Xfce 4.16) and woke up pc, a lightdm login page displayed where i had to enter the login name and password.

But now, when i suspend from Xfce from tray or by key shortcut and come back and wake up pc, there is no lightdm greeter page and i am in Xfce without the need to input login datas.

Is there any way how to turn on the lightdm greeter feature back on?

2. second issue

in ~/.profile i have set brightness as follows
Code: [Select]
#Brightness default
xbacklight -set 30

When i wake pc from suspend the brightness changes to full.

Is there any simple way, a one line command which i could write into .profile file to ensure that the brightness stays the same after wake up.


Re: Xfce suspend and wake

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Anobody any idea what could be wrong?


Re: Xfce suspend and wake

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can you please try another DM? maybe try install sddm (and his service depending on what init you have -> for example sddm-openrc ). Lightdm seems be not exactly  "stable".