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Getting xboxdrv to work

I'm trying to get my Xbox360 controllers to work. xboxdrv requires a systemd service and I don't know how to proceed because I have openrc. I have only found a package for runit.

Re: Getting xboxdrv to work

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can you place the following on a file /etc/init.d/xboxdrvd and start it?

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command_args="--detach-kernel-driver --mimic-xpad"

stop() {
       start-stop-daemon --stop --pidfile "$pidfile"

Awaiting you feedback


Re: Getting xboxdrv to work

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Hi, thanks for your quick answer.

I did as you said, but I think I don't understand 100% how xboxdrv works. What steps do I follow exactly to make my two Xbox360 controllers work? I think your solution worked because it doesn't ask me to detach the kernel driver. Right now I run
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sudo xboxdrv
and verify that my controllers are connected with
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xboxdrv -L
However when I try to test if my controller works with
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jstest /dev/input/js1
no number seems to change when I press buttons. Is there something I'm missing?