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Forum is back

We had hourly backups, there shouldn't be anything missing. Please report if you spot something out of the ordinary.

Re: Forum is back

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Good to be back. Hope all is well!

Re: Forum is back

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Hopefully, there are no further issues with the hosting service upon which this website relies.

Artix staff, thank you for your collective dedication. (^_^)

Re: Forum is back

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Glad we are back up and running, Well done guys

Re: Forum is back

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I am glad to see that Artix Linux's forum is online again. I appreciate the Artix Linux team efforts in restoring the site.

Lessons learned

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As most of you know, we lost our VPS access for several days, due to a disagreement between our reseller and the OVH company. Finally, our pages and databases were released to us and we immediately set up another VPS, on an nearly black Thursday. But the next day was a totally Black Friday and our new OVH offered the same plan at almost half the price; it goes without saying that we requested a partial refund. And half an hour later our brand new VPS vanished too.

In case anyone wonders why we went off the grid again for 7 hours yesterday, here's what happened...

From: You

You must be joking, right?

Let me explain: I run a production site on the VPS, serving a medium-sized linux community and all I requested (requested, not demanded) was whether I could get a partial refund for my order, which was placed just hours before your Black Friday offer went active.

Instead I got a full refund and a suspended VPS, leaving our community headless. After many attempts to get an answer or advice from your support team, I got nothing, for many long hours. I'm sorry if I seem impatient, but the VPS was funded by user donations and I'm sure you understand how important that is.

Getting no answer from you, I was forced to renew the suspended VPS in order to keep things going. But here's the catch: I wasn't given the option to renew for a year at the initial discounted price (around $40) but at $53, which was absurd given the black Friday offer is running at $27. So, I had to order another cut-priced VPS, hoping to migrate my data there.

I don't know how this looks to you, but to me it looks like either inability to satisfy simple customer requests ("a possible partial refund of my order to match the Black Friday's offer") or unwillingness to do so.

A simple request from my side resulted in loss of service for many hours, unnecessary stress and anxiety for me and, as an added bonus, the migration task ahead to the new VPS.

Here's the summary:

Ordered: $40.20 for the VPS (1-year plan)
Requested partial refund to match the Black Friday offer ($26.82)
Refunded: $40.20 - VPS suspended
Paid: $4.47 to renew for a month and resume VPS operation
Ordered: $26.82 for a second VPS (1-year plan)
--> Result: Suspended VPS, lots of tickets, additional expenses, labour and frustration :-(

What could and should have happened:
Partial refund: $13.38 to match BF offer
--> Result: :-)

What can happen _now_:
Cancel/refund my second order (BF special: $26.82)
Create an unpaid due of $22.35 (+$4.47 already paid = $26.82)
I pay the due amount for the 1-year plan
--> :-)


I won't disclose the provider's name, because they are polite and they've fulfilled my request (well, kind of).

This adventure wouldn't have come to be if not for the donations of some of you. We now have a nice VPS to host our web needs for a year.

Re: Forum is back

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I won't disclose the provider's name
i'm looking for a new hosting service, and even at 46$ it's a good deal (for me)

Re: Forum is back

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Their VPS SSD 1 plan starts at $40.20 for the first year and offers an Arch image which is a piece of cake toconvert to Artix. Regular price is ~$53 but you get a promotional -$13 for the 1-year plan.

Our VPS is currently utilizing 190MB out of 2GB running the following:
Code: [Select]
# rc-status 
Runlevel: default
 syslog-ng                                          [  started  ]
 atd                                                [  started  ]
 nginx                                              [  started  ]
 sshd                                               [  started  ]
 cronie                                             [  started  ]
 haveged                                            [  started  ]
 mysql                                              [  started  ]
 php-fpm                                            [  started  ]
# free -m
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:           1957         190         913           0         852        1604
Swap:           953           0         953