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Thunar does not show partitions under XFCE openRC

I am most interested in multibooting and have been experimenting with Artix (among other distros) .

I have used Artix Mate Live and have installed it in 2 machines. I find it very comfortable to use, but I am not as ”fluent” at it as I am with other, for me ”already established for my own use” distros like Mint, Sabayon, Manjaro and, to lesser extent, Fedora.

I have just made 2 installations of Artix on my Fuji Esprimo desktop, couple years Core2 duo, 8 GB RAM:
1 -Mate openRC from MAte iso works problemfree so far - I have not used it on a daily base yet.

2 - XFCE open-RC from  base-install is still getting in shape. I have installed XFCE4 and quite a few of my most used applications.

My problem is  on XFCE openr Rc from base install:  Thunar is not showing my other partitions beside Filesystem.

Thunar works fine  in the same machine, from the partition where I installed from Mate/openRC iso and those of other distros.

I have searched very exhaustively, but most of the stuff I found seem too old to risk without counsel, or systemd related - in the case of the more recent ones  and there seems that no 2 sources ever confirm each other.

Searches on ”thunar mount partition(s)” in forums or search machines haven’t helped me. I have seen references to things like poolkit and similar in particular, and authentication questions in general - among others - but I am not sure it is a good idea going one of those ways without reliable guidance.

I don’ t want the partitions auto mounted via fstab. I have read they can be placed in fstab with noauto option, but it was not a recent post, and it was associated to a skeptical comment. I don’ t feel comfortable with this as I have never needed to do that.

I suspect this may well be a simpler issue than what it appears to me  to be. The Mate openRC install is loading the partitions the way I am used to, by clicking on them on the file manager.

I would appreciate some guidance on how to mount my partitions without having to use command line which, by the way functions as usual.

Re: Thunar does not show partitions under XFCE openRC

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Thanks allum !   NO!  I did read about it , and it has been my favourite choice so far, found several references to it, but did not feel sure about installing it. I don´t think any of the other 8 system on this machine ,  7 of each run XFCE, have it - I will check now.  The git site says it is required by xfdesktop, so it should be installed then ?  I can not avoid wondering why it would not - i don´t mean this as irony or criticism, I am really curious and want to learn and understand.