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i2pd and openrc

Help me pls, how i can start i2pd in artix with openrc?
sudo rc-service -l is absent i2pd service
i2p (without *d) dnt offer - it very slow implementation

Re: i2pd and openrc

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but exist no i2pd service for openrc

systemd use for start
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/usr/bin/i2pd --conf=/var/lib/i2pd/i2pd.conf --pidfile=/run/i2pd/ --daemon --service

so you can run this command probably manually, and your ip2d deamon will start.
openrc script you can find here
no idea, whether will works, because is from year 2016

Re: i2pd and openrc

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Member from i2pd help me with it.
This is daemon script, but it depend from mountall which not use in artix or rename.
You must read yours system manuals about targets in openrc services. mountall dependency is requiring for all mounts to be done before starting. How it named in your system - I can't say.
Where i can find information about mountall in artix or maybe u help me with it?