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Select text from the comments

Whether reading or editing a comment when I try to select text the selection remains invisible.  It still works but you can't see what you have selected.

Maybe my dark theme is incompatible with the dark forum but this is a recent change on the forum.

I am surprised nobody else has reported it.

Re: Select text from the comments

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I am using dark theme and selection is almost not visible, i can see it when i try harder but it is inconvenient and very uncomfortable.
I think the best would be to let the web browser decide colours in selection (it worked for more than 20 years.. why to change it ?)
Man is as good as his tools.

Re: Select text from the comments

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Your wish is our command. How about now?

(Actually, the selection highlight was tweaked accidentally.)

Re: Select text from the comments

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My wishes have been fulfilled Ω great forum maker.