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Arch -> Artix conversion

Background: For several years I've run a custom Arch install that is used on routers, desktops, servers & vms. It uses LXDE with jwm instead of Openbox, syslinux instead of grub. My biggest issue with systemd has been the shutdown, with the sometimes looping 1:30 coundown. And I prefer text logs.

So, even though I've become comfortable with systemd, it still irks me that it tends to be the weakest link in my Linux setups. So I followed the instructions on the Artix wiki and upgraded a desktop system with openrc. It works, and works well. Even in the default non-parallel execution mode, openrc is doing exactly what I want: starting services in the order I expect without hanging up if there is an anomaly. Same for shutdown. My systems boot fast enough, I won't even switch to parallel mode.

So far I had to only update one init script, for xrdp, which I use a lot on desktops and vms. I'll attach it in case someone can use it.

I enjoy watching the Ok's scrolling down the screen on boot :)

Re: Arch -> Artix conversion

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Welcome then! Please, post your xrdp init script to the Software Development sub board so that people can find it easily.