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Topic: My skins, icon themes, mouse cursors, OBT themes, wallpapers, plank themes, font (Read 1050 times) previous topic - next topic
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My skins, icon themes, mouse cursors, OBT themes, wallpapers, plank themes, font

Hello everybody! I have some cool themes and stuff that I've gathered together, I didn't make it all but I figured I could share it with all of you, its in this handy little github repository - other than the wallpapers which I will have to upload somewhere else unfortunately. Mouse cursor icons are in "icons.7z" which can be unzipped to ~/.icons and ~/.themes for themes.7z
For plankthemes.7z, it would be ~/.local/share/plank/themes

Here's a BRIEF summary, what I consider the good stuff:

OBT obenbox themes: NIGHTMARE1,2, & 3 (red, blue & green)

GTK2 themes: PLASMA_shock, _fire, & _bolt (green, red & blue)
Breeze Dark, Breeze-gtk, Vivaldi-zorin, and a few others

Cursor themes: Breeze Red, Breeze Hacked(blue, same shape as the following 2), Hacked Red, Hacked Green

Plank themes: anti-shade, shade, unity-like, Vertex-Maia, Arc, Numix, Gnosierra, paperterial

icon themes: Enlightenment-X(blue), I highly recommend everyone go to if you'd like some cool icons, there's also the ultra-flat-icons-green / -blue / -orange in the AUR. I don't have these added to my repo because they usually receive updates.

The only font I have is Germania One, lol. I use it a size or two higher than other fonts.
I'm gonna upload some screenshots of how it all looks. I use LXDE with qt5ct & qt4-config.
I'm also gonna post up the wallpapers at somewhere where they can be downloaded in a 7z

Screenshots can be found(didn't want to figure out how to shrink the MB of screenshots) here:

My collection of wallpapers, all very high resolution, can be found here:
You can look through the 7z file on the web browser without even downloading it so you can see its all just .jpeg & nothing else, so unless there's some way to attach a virus to a .jpg that I don't know about, then I think it should be 100% safe

Update: I have added Enlightenment-X icons to my github repo, they're the ones I choose for qt5ct to style QT5 apps with.