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Topic: GDBM in testing breaks obmenu-generator [SOLVED] (Read 386 times) previous topic - next topic
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GDBM in testing breaks obmenu-generator [SOLVED]

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1 system-testing/gdbm 1.14.1-1 [installed]
    GNU database library
2 system/gdbm 1.14-1 [installed: 1.14.1-1]
    GNU database library

Reverting to 1.14-1 instantly fixes the issue
Running the obmenu-generator without any tags shows a fault in line 444 where it calls on GDBM
That was my hint.  Menus had been working fine before the update.

You may want to look into it before it 1.14.1-1 becomes stable

Re: GDBM in testing breaks obmenu-generator

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Allrighty then!
Today's upgrades broke obmenu-generator again!
I suspected, getting accustomed to artix development, that reverting back to  1.14.1-1 may fix the issue caused by the updates.
And it did.
So back to normalcy

Thank you, whoever you are!